A strong & healthy Satan, Blessing Of Bismillah.

A strong & healthy Satan

Two Satans once met each other. One of them was strong and healthy while the other was weak and feeble. The healthy Satan asked the feeble one, ‘Brother! Why are you so weak?’ He replied, ‘I am (deputed) to be with such a pious person who recites Bismillah before entering his house, eating and drinking anything; so I have to stay away from him but, my dear, you are very strong and healthy; what is the secret behind it?’
The fat Satan replied, ‘I am appointed to be with such a heedless person who does not recite Bismillah before entering his house and eating & drinking anything, so I take part in all of his activities and I keep riding him as one rides an animal (and this is the only Secret of my good health).’ (Asrar-ul-fatihah , pp. 155)
 Blessing Of Bismillah.

The Prophet of mankind, the Peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and Kind has stated, ‘The one who sends Salat upon me one time, Allah will shower mercy upon him ten times.’ (Sahih Muslim, pp. 175, vol. 1, Hadis408)

Endeavour Remains Unfinished

The Prophet of Rahmah, the Intercessor of Ummah, the Owner of Jannah has stated, ‘Any important workwhich is started without (reciting) Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim remains unfinished.’ (Ad-Dur-rul-Mansur, pp. 26, vol. 1)

Keep on Reciting Bismillah

Dear Islamic brothers! Before eating any thing, drinking water and any beverage, serving food and water to others, putting
things down, picking things up, washing, cooking, reciting, studying, teaching, walking, driving, getting up, sitting down turning on the light or the fan, laying or removing the dining mat, folding or spreading the bed sheet, opening or closing the shop, locking or unlocking, applying oil or perfume, delivering a speech, reciting a Na’at, wearing shoes, adorning one’s head with turban, opening or closing the door, that is to say, before starting any permissible act (when there is no Shar’I prohibition), it is of great virtue to make a habit of reciting Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim attaining its blessings.

Protection of Things from Jinns

Sayyiduna Safwan bin Sulaim has stated, ‘Jinns use the things and clothes of human beings. Whenever anyone of you picks up clothes (to put on) or puts them down (after taking them off), he should recite Bismillah because the name of Allah will be a seal for it.’ (In other words, by virtue of the recitation of Bismillah, jinns will not be able to use the clothes). (Luqt-ul-Marjan, p. 98)

Dear Islamic brothers! Similarly, whilst picking up or putting down anything, one should make a habit of reciting Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim he will remain safe from the involvement of
wicked jinns,

Recite Correctly

When reciting Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim one must ensure that every letter is pronounced from its correct point of articulation. Furthermore, in case of no auditory obstructions or noise, it is also essential that the voice be loud enough for the reciter to hear it. Some people mispronounce letters due to haste. It is prohibited to do this deliberately. If the meaning becomes distorted [due to mispronunciation] it will be a sin.
Hence those who recite incorrectly due to the habit of reciting hastily should rectify their pronunciation and recitation. If there is no specific reason for reciting complete Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim one may also recite just Bismillah.

Blessing Of Bismillah

Abbu Lahab & Milad-Un-Nabi
After the death of Abu Lahab, some of his family members dreamed him in trouble. They asked how he was treated after death. He replied, ‘I did not receive any goodness after leaving you.’ Then indicating towards the hole at underside of his thumb, he said, ‘Except this as I am fed with water from this because I freed my slave girl, Suwaybah.’ (Musannaf‘Abdur Razzaq, Vol. 9, pp. 9, Hadis 16661) (‘Umda-tul-Qari, Vol. 14, pp. 44, Hadis 5101)

Shaykh ‘Allamah Badruddin ‘Ayni stated,‘That indication means that he is given some water.’ (‘Umda-tul- Qari, Vol. 14, pp. 44, Hadis 5101)

Commenting on the foregoing narration, Sayyiduna Shaykh ‘Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dihlvi has stated, ‘In this incident there is credible evidence for those who celebrate the birth of the Noble Prophet and spend their wealth on this auspicious occasion. Abu Lahab, who was a staunch unbeliever, was benefited due to rejoicing and freeing his slave girl, Suwaybah, upon hearing the news of the blessed birth of the Holy Prophet . Now imagine how great the reward will be for the Muslim spending his wealth whole-heartedly on this occasion. However, it is necessary to avoid songs and music in Milad gatherings.’ (Madarij-un- Nubuwwah, Vol. 2, pp. 19)

Dear Islamic brothers! Mark the blessed birth of the Holy Prophet enthusiastically. Even a staunch disbeliever like Abu Lahab benefited due to expressing happiness over the birth of the Holy Prophet then why not we – the Muslims will be blessed. Abu Lahab rejoiced over the birth of a nephew, not that of the Prophet of Allah, still he was benefited. If we celebrate Milad out of love and admiration, how can we be deprived of reward?
Excellence Of Poverty
Here are three sayings of the Beloved Prophet both for the poor as well as for the rich:

1. I looked in Paradise, so I saw more destitute people among the people of Paradise. (Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, vol. 2, pp. 582, Uadis 6622)

2. The poor people will enter Paradise 500 years earlier than the wealthy people. (Jami Tirmizi, vol. 4, pp. 157, Hadis 2358)

3. One who offers Salah properly, has a large family but less money [and other possessions] and does not backbite the Muslims, (so) he and I will be like these two (fingers), in Paradise. (The Holy Prophet joined his index and middle finger together.) (Jam’-ul-Jawami’ lis-Suyuti, vol. 7, pp. 149, HadiS 21835)

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