Remembering Death..

Death does not mean total destruction. Rather, death means the dislocation of the connection of the soul from the body, in which the soul will exit from the world and enter in the Aakhirat. Hazrat Bilal bin Masood and Umar bin Abdul Aziz Radiallaho Anho said, “O People! You are not created for being destroyed”. You will travel from one home to another home. For a believer, death is a gift. Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam has said, “The gift for a believer is death”. Due to the hardship which the believer goes through in this world, death becomes easy for him and all of his anxieties disappear. Therefore, it is described as a gift in the Hadith.

Hazrat Mahmood bin Labeed says that the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wassallam said, “Mankind likes two things very much. One of these things is life, though death is much better for him, and the second is wealthiness though poverty makes accounting easy. Hazrat ibn Umar Radiallaho Anho says, “This world is paradise for the non-believers (they are engaged in their worldly desires and aspirations). This world is a jail or prison for the faithfuls (momins). They are bound by the laws of Shariat in every matter. Therefore, when the soul of a mumin leaves his body (at the time of death), it is as if a captive has been freed from the cell. He cleans himself by turning in the dust.

Nowadays, we tend to forget death and occupy our minds in the world. This shouldn’t be the route for a Muslim. Ulamah have said, “Allah Almighty will grant three graceful things to the one who remembers his death more: (1) Wisdom of repenting soon (2) Peace of Mind – satisfaction of heart (3) Peace in worship.

To the Person who is not mindful of his death, there will be for him three calamities: (1) He will have no wisdom of repenting for his sins (2) He will not be satisfied by little provisions (3) He will delay his prayers and worship (ibaadat).

Ulamah have also said that there are four reasons for a bad death: (1) Showing laziness in prayers (namaz) (2) Not obeying orders of parents (3) Drinking wine (4) To harm a Muslim.

We should therefore remember death more and avoid forgetting death.